Ecoinno (H.K.)Limited, a Hong Kong Science Park base technology company that focus on developing multiple categories of product from Green Composite Material (GCM), made from cellulose, a naturally occurring biopolymer by engaging Ecoinno’s advanced processing know how.

Ecoinno Story

Ecoinno’s story started with Vivian from Taiwan, lover of cup noodle and George from Hong Kong, first user of aluminium coffee capsule.
The difference in cultures do not distance Vivian and George’s view on seeing that after used plastic cup noodles container and the after used aluminum coffee capsule create huge damage towards our environment.
“We use innovation and technology to help people and nature coexist.”

Business Philosophy

“Great things come from small beginnings. A gentle ripple starts from but a single drop.”
Quote : Bhumibol Adulyadj former king of Thailand
Cellulose, the feed stock for GCM, the most abundant organic compound on earth, using Ecoinno’s advanced processing know how,
We develop a multiple categories of products that are 100% biodegradable within 75days with advance functional performance.